Graduated from the University of Nairobi with a BSc. Electrical
Engineering degree. A registered graduate member of the Engineers
Board of Kenya, The Institution of Engineers of Kenya and the IEEE.
She has undertaken various leadership positions in IEEE and beyond
investing time in conducting successful innovation expos and events
focused on building talent, skill and self actualization. She is the
founding chair for the IEEE Women in Engineering AG, Kenya Section
and currently serves as the chairperson.
She shares the compelling story of her life from a humble background
through her organization, AshGold Africa. The main motivation is to
promote STEM subjects by conducting mentorship sessions across
various institutions. A recipient of major awards including second best
student of the 1st IEK student competition on Minimizing Transmission
losses through Expansion Planning. Additionally, she was a Goldman
Sachs participant through StemAfrica and most recently, inspiring WIE
member of the year 2016 for the IEEE Kenya Section.
In 2016, she was a panelist at the IEEE Region 10 SYP, Bangalore and
the IEEE International Leadership Congress, San Jose. This year (2017),
she was part of the young professional members at the IEEE Board
Series in Hawaii that looked into creating the next generation of IEEE.

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